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Talaat Harb

Talaat harb was born on 25th of November 1867 in al-gamalia, Cairo.

After graduating from the Faculty of Law, he began his job as an interpreter in Alsania Law department which was running the cultivated lands owned by the Egyptian government. He then was promoted to the manager of that department though he tended to business. He worked as the manager of Kom Ombo Company, which was working in reclaiming and selling cultivated lands in order to help the Egyptians to possess those lands.

Then, he began to study Economics, Arts, Sciences, Literature, and the French language, and he wrote many books which were sold. One of those successful books was (Treating Egypt's Economy) and then he established Bank of the Nation in November 1911, in which he assured the importance of trade and industry for Egypt and the Egyptians.

Talaat Harb wrote: "We are in need of establishing a real Egyptian bank to work beside the other ones in Egypt to help and support the Egyptians and urge and encourage them to get into industry, trade". Talaat Harb ideas were spreading day after day.

* In August 1922, he established the Egyptian Printing Company

* In October 1924, he established Egypt Company for Spinning Cotton

* In 1925, he established Egypt Company for Transport and Navigation

* In 1927, he established Egypt Company for Weaving & Spinning El-Mahala

* He also established Egypt Company for Fishing, Egypt Company for Silk and Egypt Company for Linen

* Moreover, Talaat Harb entered a new field which was only monopolized by foreigners, and established Almasnoat Almisryia in 1933 to trade in textiles, ready made clothes, and house wares.

* In 1934, he established Misr Insurance Company

* In 1932, he established Egypt Air Company and his last contribution was Misr Travel Company .   

Talaat Harb
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