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Social Responsibilities

Factors of Leadership

1- Our clients are our ends and aims, they are our constant thinking, so we always seek to satisfy their wishes, and to fitful all their needs.

2- Our clients trust and their appreciation to our devoted efforts to achieve comfort, and welfare are our goals.

3- Almasnoat Almisryia is a company for all the Egyptians; we don't serve a certain standard of livings.

4- All the sons of Almasnoat Almisryia work hard and honestly to serve our clients through their good treatment, so as to make them feel the branch is theirs, satisfy their needs and wishes.

5- Our branches spread all over Egypt from Alexandria in the north to Aswan in the south. From Red Sea in the east to New Valley in the west.

6- Our branches are good windows to display all kinds of goods. So all our factories and suppliers compete to provide the best articles, in competitive prices.  

7- Almasnoat Almisryia tries always to keep up with the latest models, up to date products, and display every new, and the most innovative goods to our clients.

8- To facilitate getting goods to our clients, and to support our company seeks to apply buying goods in installments. That system of installments is always safe in order not to get any risks.

9- The strong feeling of belonging to Almasnoat Almisryia is always the motive which drives the company sons to be on the top.

 10- Moreover, Almasnoat Almisryia has got 83 years of effective and constant experience.



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Factors of Leadership
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